M. Tiyasaa

Dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

About M. Tiyasaa – Marisa is also known under the pen name M. Tiyasaa, a novel and children’s book author from Indonesia. She is the mom of a little boy named River and a wife of a professional photographer. Before engaging herself in writing, she worked as a part-time lecturer in a private university and full-time market analyst for a national media company in Indonesia.

Many of my friends said that I am such a productive mother because of books I successfully wrote for over three years while staying home and taking care of my little River. Although I love my husband and child more than anything in this world, I am not sure if that is the right term. I never conceived about being a mother or wife whenever I am settling myself in front of the computer, writing stories and books. I shut those statuses down and dive deep into my ‘own’ self. Only me and my thoughts. Nothing more. Authorship becomes a career I would love to grow myself in.

Now a new novel ‘in a Dark Purple’ is about to be launched, and her excitement lifts over the top. It will be the first novel she has ever written in English.

the work along the way was a little harder than the first novel I’ve written in my native language, Bahasa. But I did it. Things will go forward. I promised myself to grow bigger and I will try hard to get there.