Eli and The Why

Where Wonder Lives: Kids’ Kingdom

A children’s picture book; to connect kids’ wonder with fervor.

“But why?” They would ask.

“Why is that?” They ask, again.

“Yeah, but why is that?” They won’t stop asking, getting more confused with the adult’s explanation.

“How can they not understand that?” We, adults, shake our heads, annoyed and frustrated. Then kids throw their innocent eyeballs, locking them to ours, sending a simple message, “I really don’t get it.” Their smile disappears, but their curiosity remains the same.

They want to understand things so they can ease their mind and move on. Yet, their knowledge is still little. Their world goes no further (yet) than home, daycare, kindergarten, or their grandparents’ house. Seeing or hearing something new or different easily becomes a gap that disturbs their system.

Their mind, as well as their eyes and their ears, are trying to adjust, wanting to understand what life has to offer. They use their feeling. Their emotion. Their senses.

The more we connect to their reality, the easier we solve their puzzles, the closer we get to the loving earth.

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