Soé de Stork

A children’s picture book.

It was Soé’s first day in her new school. She ignored Gili de Pigeon’s warm greeting. Instead, the lovely voice of Klaten de Cockatoo, the beautiful wings of Poso de Peacock and the cool style of Ranai de Crowned Crane caught her attention more than Gili’s friendly face. Yet reality showed her a different perspective.

Soé went from one bird to another, searching for the “perfect” friend. Yet everyone seemed annoyed by her greeting tour. She began to lose her self-confidence and felt lonely. Till Gili sat next to her and mentioned something astonishingly simple but sweet to hear. 

children's book stork
Soé de Stork
children's book crowned crane
Ranai de Crowned Crane
children's book peacock
Poso de Peacock

All of the bird characters and elements are handmade with paper collage by myself. My husband, Cody, photographed all the elements. To complete the scenes, I arranged the elements using Photoshop and hand-lettered the text.

I’m also glad to mention that all the bird characters are named after beautiful or historical places in Indonesia. Soe is the only place where one can experience autumn in this tropical country. Poso has a beautiful river, Klaten with its famous temple, and Ranai has a wonderful stone park.

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