In a Dark Purple

A Memoir of Insolenceand Death in a French Public Hospital.

San’s husband suffered from a severe headache. The ambulance came and picked him up, but things started to appear strange ever since. San couldn’t find her husband. She went to the hospital’s emergency service to find out about her husband’s condition, but her request was somehow denied. No information was given.

Instead, San was maltreated because of her language limitations.Hours and hours of waiting, her husband still had not come home. A week later, the hospital handed her over a paper to sign. It was a statement about donating her husband’s organs.

What did the readers say?

  • <The fact that this story takes place in France, that those behaviors against strangers or sick people still happen in this country makes me feel ashamed. Everythings feels like she is telling you personally her story around a comforting drink. I think this is the power of this book; you never take it lightly, like “a story”.>

Aurore, France.

  • <Overall it is a sad story, but with many bright moments along the way. A story where hope turns to despair and San must figure out how to overcome the darkness. San must figure out how to navigate the coming months and years using her faith, instinct, family, and friends for support. It is an emotionally powerful book, blending well emotions with historical fact.>

Cody, USA (might be biased, it’s my husband’s review 🙂

  • <Having lived in foreign countries myself I understand the frustration that she went through, not fully understanding the system or the language, being treated badly or rudely just because I don’t talk the language perfectly. And it is amazing that San listens to her voice in her dream as she knows it’s right, even if others like her doctor doesn’t agree. It is a well wtitten book that makes you feel what San feels and at the same time you follow the events that happened in San’s life.>

Izumi, Japan

  • <As a reader I can completely relate myself to San, her emotions, her loss, and her courage. Marisa’s narrative helps us greatly to feel the right emotion. We are also confused shocked saddened angered along with San.>

Raji, India

  • <It tells an incredible true story about San’s life struggles in a foreign land. The turn of events in the book is mind-blowing, totally kept me on edge. I had a hard time putting it down once I started reading.>

Rizki, Indonesia

  • <I liked so much that it is a non-fiction story, and it is inspired by true events. It is a sad story and Marisa wrote it so well that she could transmit the sadness to the reader.>

Vlad, Romania

San’s and the stories of countless others in the world who face unfairness need to be dispersed. Supports from many positive spirits who aim to create a better world on the Kickstarter will not only encourage me to share many more the truth but together we can undermine the acts of injustice.The money will be used to hire a copy editor and proofreader and to cover the printing cost.

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