About M. Tiyasaa

Dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

About M. Tiyasaa – Marisa is also known under the pen name M. Tiyasaa, a novel and children’s book author. A major theme in her writing is to engage in various social issues. her first novel, Soé Isabel, published by Yrama Widya in Indonesia, talks about the value of friendship, living abroad and handling culture shock from the perspective of 5 international students living in France. The novel has already reached thousands of readers and received many appreciations as well as critics since it launched in July 2019 in Indonesian bookstores.

Besides being an author, she is also the mom of a boy and wife of a photographer. she’s from Indonesia and Cody, her husband, is from the United States. They currently live in Germany where their son, River, was born. Before finding herself as River’s chaser, she worked as a part time lecturer in a private university and full time market analyst for a national media company in Indonesia.

Soé de Stork, her first children’s book, successfully funded on kickstarter.

children's book talking about diversity Soé de Stork

Now Marisa is working on many other books to continue spreading her concern about self love and celebrating diversity.